The entrance of the big boys: The changing landscape of the mine planning software business


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The recent acquisition of Mintec, providers of MineSight, by Hexagon AB of Sweden is the second such entry  by a large company into the mine planning software business. This news has caused me to think about what this means for … Continue reading

Glencore Xstrata Update: $7.7b Writedown


This week marked a major update in the Glencore Xstrata acquisition, a topic I focused on over a year ago here. What was then a proposed merger became an all-share acquisition by Glencore to create the first commodities trader with … Continue reading

Are you ready to make the transition from Gemcom to Geovia? What are the implications of the proposed acquisition of Gemcom?


Last week, Gemcom Software International, Inc., which is privately held, announced an agreement with Dassault Systemes (FR:DSY) for Dassault to purchase Gemcom in an all cash transaction. This puts several mine planning tools (Surpac, Gems, Minex, Whittle and others) under … Continue reading